Information about Company Barska plovidba Ltd 

The Company was founded  in 20th of October 2000 operating under the name Ltd. “Putnicki terminal” Bar  that has been changed in 2002, following  the decision  of Shareholder meeting, in the name Barska plovidba Ltd Bar”

Since the Company establishtment to 16 of December 2016,  Barska plovidba realized its main activity through the transport of passengers and vehicles with the ferry boats “Sveti Stefan “ and “Sveti Stefan II on the shipping line between Montenegro and Italy (Bar-Bari-Bar and Bar-Ancona Bar). 

 At the moment,  The Company continue down the route  with Italy 

in a mediation way up to purchase of a new ferry boat.

The Company is also in property of two cargo ships Bulk carrier type for the breakbulk shipment. The ship’s capacities are 36,000 DWT. The construction of the cargo ships “Bar and “Budva”, with the support of The Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of  transport and maritime affairs, was completed in 2014 in the Chinese shipyard Jingling, and the ships have been assigned to the company on 18 .09.2014 and 08.10.2014 when started their commercial exploitation.   

Realizing this project Barska plovidba Ltd Bar has reinforced its maritime capacities and has guaranteed the continuation of management.

 Barska plovidba conducts its activities in the facility of the passenger terminal, situated in the port of Bar on the of the powerful passageway of passengers and cargo flow. (Budapest-Belgrade-Bar-Bari)

This facility in its area provides various services: passenger agency,  agency, restaurant, yachting club, post office, travel agency, forwarding agency offering a complete service to the passengers on the itinerary towards the reported destinations.